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Definitions from WordNet

Noun big-brother has 2 senses
  1. Big Brother - an authoritarian leader and invader of privacy
    --1 is a kind of authoritarian, dictator
  2. big brother - an older brother
    --2 is a kind of brother, blood brother

Definitions from the Web

Term: Big Brother

Noun - Sense 1: Popular usage

Definition: Big Brother refers to a person, organization, or government perceived to have surveillance and authoritarian control over individuals.

Sample Sentence: Many people fear that technology companies nowadays act as Big Brother, constantly monitoring our online activities.

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Noun - Sense 2: Local usage

Definition: In localized contexts, Big Brother can also refer to a well-known person or influential figure within a community.

Sample Sentence: John is considered the Big Brother of our neighborhood; he's always there to guide and assist anyone in need.

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Adjective - Sense 1: Popular usage

Definition: When used as an adjective, Big Brother can describe something or someone that exercises extensive control or surveillance.

Sample Sentence: The new security system in the office feels very Big Brother-like, with cameras watching our every move.

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Adjective - Sense 2: Local usage

Definition: In a localized context, Big Brother as an adjective can refer to a person who behaves in a controlling or bossy manner.

Sample Sentence: My older sister can be a bit Big Brother sometimes, always telling me what to do.

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