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basso rilievo


Definitions from WordNet

Noun basso rilievo has 1 sense
  1. bas relief, low relief, basso relievo, basso rilievo - a sculptural relief in which forms extend only slightly from the background; no figures are undercut
    --1 is a kind of relief, relievo, rilievo, embossment, sculptural relief

Definitions from the Web

Basso Rilievo


A technique of sculpture or carving where the design remains below the surface of the material, creating a shallow relief.

Example Sentence:

The artist beautifully depicted the scene in basso rilievo by skillfully chiseling the figures into the marble.

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Relating to or characterized by a style or technique of sculpture in basso rilievo.

Example Sentence:

The museum displayed an impressive collection of basso rilievo artworks showcasing the delicate skills of the artists.

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Used to describe the manner in which a sculpture or carving is done with a basso rilievo technique.

Example Sentence:

The artist carefully carved the details into the wood, creating a masterpiece in basso rilievo.

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