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basso continuo


Definitions from WordNet

Noun basso continuo has 1 sense
  1. figured bass, basso continuo, continuo, thorough bass - a bass part written out in full and accompanied by numbers to indicate the chords to be played
    --1 is a kind of bass, bass part

Definitions from the Web

Basso Continuo


Basso continuo, also known as "figured bass," is a musical term referring to a method of accompanying music, particularly during the Baroque period. It involves a continuous bass line played by a low-pitched instrument, such as a cello or double bass, along with the harmonies indicated by figures. This provides a foundation for the melody and chords played by other instruments or vocalists.


1. Musical Accompaniment:

In the context of music, basso continuo refers to the technique of continuous bass accompaniment, primarily used in the Baroque era.


"The harpsichordist skillfully played the basso continuo, providing a rich harmonic support to the soloist."

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2. Low-Pitched Instrument:

Basso continuo can also refer to the specific low-pitched instrument, such as a cello or double bass, that provides the continuous bass line.


"The basso continuo section in the orchestra beautifully resonated, adding depth to the overall sound."

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3. Figured Bass Notation:

Basso continuo is also associated with the figured bass notation system, where figures indicate the harmonies to be played above the bass line.


"The music student studied the figured bass symbols to accurately perform the basso continuo part."

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