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artist's model


Definitions from WordNet

Noun artist's model has 1 sense
  1. artist's model, sitter - a person who poses for a painter or sculptor
    --1 is a kind of model, poser

Definitions from the Web

Term: Artist's Model

Definition: An artist's model refers to an individual who poses for artists, often nude, for the purpose of being depicted in art. They play a crucial role in the creation of various forms of artwork.


Noun, Singular - Individual:

  1. The artist's model sat motionless as the painter skillfully captured every detail.
  2. An artist's model should have the ability to hold challenging poses for extended periods.
  3. She earned a living as an artist's model for renowned painters in the city.

Noun, Plural - Group:

  1. The museum hosts a weekly session for aspiring artists where professional artist's models pose.
  2. Art schools often employ a diverse range of artist's models to cater to students' varying interests.
  3. Many extraordinary artworks have been created with the assistance of talented artist's models.

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