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actor's assistant


Definitions from WordNet

Noun actor's assistant has 1 sense
  1. dresser, actor's assistant - a wardrobe assistant for an actor
    --1 is a kind of assistant, helper, help, supporter

Definitions from the Web

Term: Actor's Assistant


An actor's assistant refers to an individual who supports and aids actors in their various tasks and responsibilities. They work closely with actors to help them prepare for performances, handle administrative duties, and assist with other aspects of their career.

Possible Senses:

  1. An individual who assists actors in their day-to-day activities.
  2. A role within a production team responsible for supporting actors during rehearsals and performances.
  3. A person who provides administrative support to actors, including managing schedules and coordinating appointments.

Possible Usages:

1. John has been working as an actor's assistant for several years and has gained valuable experience in the entertainment industry.

2. The actor's assistant quickly adjusted the stage props as the scene transitioned.

3. The actor's assistant handled all the paperwork, allowing the actor to focus solely on their performance.

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