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Definitions from WordNet

Noun academicism has 1 sense
  1. scholasticism, academicism, academism - orthodoxy of a scholastic variety
    --1 is a kind of traditionalism, traditionality

Definitions from the Web



1. The principles, methods, and practices adhered to in academic institutions.

Example sentence: The professor's lecture emphasized the importance of academicism in achieving scholarly excellence.


2. The excessive focus on conformity and adherence to traditional rules and standards in art and literature.

Example sentence: The artist rebelled against academicism, choosing to explore innovative and unconventional techniques instead.


3. A feature of an artistic or literary work that reflects the influence of academic traditions.

Example sentence: The painting's realistic style displays elements of academicism, reminiscent of the classical era.


4. (historical) The period of the highest development of the fine arts in France during the 17th and especially the 18th centuries.

Example sentence: Many influential artists emerged during the academicism era, leaving a lasting impact on the art world.

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