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1. A symbol used in computer programming and database systems to represent one or more unknown characters.

2. A team or player that is allowed to participate in a competition or tournament without having to qualify in advance.

3. In sports, a player chosen to compete in a match or game without having a specific opponent initially assigned.


1. Referring to something uncertain or unknown.

2. Proving to be unpredictable or capable of surprising outcomes.


1. To use a wildcard character while searching or matching patterns in computer programming or searching databases.

2. To include or consider as a wildcard in a contest or competition.

Sample Sentences:


  1. Use a wildcard (*) to search for all words starting with "cat".
  2. The wildcard team surprised everyone by reaching the finals.
  3. The tennis wildcard entered the tournament with determination.


  1. The weather forecast is wildcard, so be prepared for anything.
  2. His wildcard tactics on the chessboard caught his opponent off guard.


  1. Make sure to wildcard your search for more accurate results.
  2. The organizer decided to wildcard a promising young athlete for the upcoming event.

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