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wild yellow lily


Definitions from WordNet

Noun wild yellow lily has 1 sense
  1. Canada lily, wild yellow lily, meadow lily, wild meadow lily, Lilium canadense - common lily of the eastern United States having nodding yellow or reddish flowers spotted with brown
    --1 is a kind of lily

Definitions from the Web

Wild Yellow Lily


A wild yellow lily refers to a flowering plant with bright yellow blossoms that grow naturally in the wild. It belongs to the lily family, known for its distinctively shaped and vibrant flowers.

Senses and Usages:

Sense 1: Plant Identification

In terms of plant identification, a wild yellow lily typically refers to Lilium canadense or Lilium michiganense species, which are native to North America. These lilies have beautiful bell-shaped yellow flowers.

Example Sentence: The hikers were amazed by the sight of wild yellow lilies scattered across the meadow.

Sense 2: Symbolism

Wild yellow lilies are often associated with various symbolic meanings, including purity, passion, and renewal. They are frequently used in floral arrangements for special occasions and as a gift to convey heartfelt emotions.

Example Sentence: She received a bouquet of wild yellow lilies, symbolizing the new beginnings in her life.

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