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Adjective unexpected has 6 senses
  1. unexpected - not expected or anticipated; "unexpected guests"; "unexpected news"
    expected, anticipated, awaited, hoped-for, due, expectable, foreseen, foretold, predicted, matter-of-course, supposed
  2. unexpected - not foreseen; "unsuspected difficulties arose"; "unsuspected turnings in the road"
    suspected (indirect, via unsuspected)
  3. forced, unexpected - made necessary by an unexpected situation or emergency; "a forced landing"
    Antonym: scheduled (indirect, via unscheduled)
  4. unexpected - causing surprise or amazement by not being expected; "the curtains opened to reveal a completely unexpected scene"
    unsurprising (indirect, via surprising)
  5. unexpected - not planned; "an unexpected pregnancy"
    planned (indirect, via unplanned)
  6. unexpected, unforeseen - happening or coming quickly and without warning; "a sudden unexpected development"
    Antonym: gradual (indirect, via sudden)
unexhausted unexist unexistent unexisting unexpand unexpanded unexpansive unexpectantly unexpected unexpected birth unexpectedly unexpectedness unexpectly unexpendable unexpended unexpired unexplainable

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