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Term: unexistent

Part of Speech: adjective

Sense 1:

Definition: Not existing; imaginary; not real.

Example Sentence: The unicorn is an unexistent creature of folklore.

Example Sentence: The lost city was believed to be unexistent until its ruins were discovered.

Sense 2:

Definition: Nonexistent; lacking reality or substance.

Example Sentence: The company's promised benefits turned out to be unexistent.

Example Sentence: His dreams of becoming a famous actor were shattered when he realized his talent was unexistent.

Sense 3:

Definition: Extremely scarce or nearly impossible to find.

Example Sentence: The rare and valuable stamp is considered unexistent in most collections.

Example Sentence: Authentic ancient artifacts from that civilization are unexistent in the current market.

Sense 4:

Definition: (Local usage) Something that is non-existent or lacking in a specific local context.

Example Sentence: In our town, a bookstore is completely unexistent.

Example Sentence: Quality healthcare facilities are unexistent in this rural region.

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