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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective undeserving has 1 sense
  1. undeserving, undeserving of, unworthy of - not deserving; "the undeserving poor"
    Antonym: worthy (indirect, via unworthy)

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Undeserving is an adjective that refers to someone or something that does not merit or deserve a particular treatment, reward, or recognition.


  • Sense 1: Not worthy or deserving of something.
  • Sense 2: Lacking merit or deserving qualities.


  1. Usage 1: He felt undeserving of the award after making such a big mistake.
  2. Usage 2: The criminal received an underserving punishment for his crimes.
  3. Usage 3: The scholarship was given to the most deserving student, leaving the others feeling undeserving.

Sample Sentences:

  • Sentence 1: She considered herself undeserving of the love and kindness shown by others.
  • Sentence 2: The employee received a raise, even though his performance was undeserving of such recognition.
  • Sentence 3: Despite his lack of effort, he somehow managed to pass the exam, which felt undeserving.

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