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Noun touchwood has 1 sense
  1. kindling, tinder, touchwood, spunk, punk - material for starting a fire
    --1 is a kind of igniter, ignitor, lighter

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Touchwood is a noun that refers to dry, resinous wood that is believed to bring good luck or protection against misfortune. It is often used in the context of superstitions or traditional beliefs.

As a verb, touchwood can also mean to tap or knock on wood, a common gesture performed to ward off any potential bad luck or to express a desire for something good to happen.



1. Resinous wood believed to bring good luck or protection against misfortune.


1. Tap or knock on wood, as a superstitious gesture.



- According to local traditions, carrying a piece of touchwood in your pocket will bring you good fortune.

- Touchwood is often used in various rituals and ceremonies for its perceived magical properties.


- Whenever I mention my upcoming job interview, my friend always tells me to touchwood for good luck.

- Maria believes that if she touches wood three times, her wishes will come true.

Sample Sentences:


1. As a traditional practice, villagers keep touchwood in their houses to protect themselves from evil spirits.

2. The forest is known for its abundance of touchwood, which is often collected by locals for various superstitious purposes.

3. The old man claims that the touchwood from a hundred-year-old tree possesses the greatest magical powers.


1. Worried about the outcome, Mary quickly touched the touchwood on her necklace and whispered a silent prayer.

2. Before blowing out her birthday candles, Lucy made sure to touchwood, hoping for a prosperous year ahead.

3. "Every time I have touched wood, something good has happened," said Sarah, believing in the power of this tradition.

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