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tooth fairy


Definitions from WordNet

Noun tooth fairy has 1 sense
  1. tooth fairy - a fairy that is said to leave money at night under a child's pillow to compensate for a baby tooth falling out
    --1 is a kind of
    fairy, faery, faerie, sprite

Definitions from the Web

Tooth Fairy


The Tooth Fairy is a mythical character in Western folklore who is said to visit children when they lose their baby teeth, typically at night. According to the popular belief, the Tooth Fairy takes the lost tooth from under the child's pillow and leaves a small amount of money or a gift in exchange.

Example sentences:

  1. My little sister was excited to wake up and find money under her pillow left by the Tooth Fairy.
  2. I used to put my fallen teeth in a tiny box to offer them to the Tooth Fairy.
  3. Every time I lost a tooth, I eagerly anticipated the Tooth Fairy's visit.

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