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Noun taxon has 1 sense
  1. taxonomic group, taxonomic category, taxon - animal or plant group having natural relations
    --1 is a kind of biological group
    --1 has particulars:
     Adapid, Adapid group; Omomyid, Omomyid group; kingdom; subkingdom; variety; phylum; subphylum; superphylum; class; subclass; superclass; order; suborder; superorder; family; superfamily; subfamily; tribe; genus; subgenus; monotype; species; subspecies, race; form, variant, strain, var.; type; Pteridospermae, group Pteridospermae, Pteridospermaphyta, group Pteridospermaphyta; Centrospermae, group Centrospermae; Amentiferae, group Amentiferae; Phycomycetes, Phycomycetes group
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