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tavern keeper


Definitions from WordNet

Noun tavern keeper has 1 sense
  1. publican, tavern keeper - the keeper of a public house
    --1 is a kind of bartender, barman, barkeep, barkeeper, mixologist
    --1 has particulars: tapster, tapper

Definitions from the Web

Tavern Keeper


A tavern keeper refers to an individual who owns, manages, or operates a tavern, typically an establishment where alcoholic beverages are served.


Sense 1 (Noun):

An individual who owns or manages a tavern.

Example Sentence:

The tavern keeper was known for his incredible knowledge of various types of beer.

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Sense 2 (Noun):

Historically, an individual responsible for providing accommodations and food to travelers in a tavern.

Example Sentence:

Back in the 18th century, the tavern keeper offered weary travelers a warm bed and a hearty meal.

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