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system software


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System Software

Definition: System software refers to a set of computer programs designed to manage and coordinate the operations of computer hardware and provide a stable environment for other software applications to run.


  1. General: The overall collection of software that enables the functioning of a computer system.
  2. Sample Sentence: System software includes operating systems, device drivers, and utility programs.

  3. Specific: Software that controls and manages the fundamental operations of a computer system.
  4. Sample Sentence: The operating system is a crucial component of system software, handling tasks such as memory management and file system operations.


  1. Popular: The term "system software" is commonly used in the field of computer science and technology.
  2. Sample Sentence: Understanding system software is essential for professionals working in the IT industry.

  3. Local: In certain regions, system software may have specific names or variations, such as "operating software" or "base software."
  4. Sample Sentence: In our region, everybody refers to system software as "operating software."

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