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system requirement


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System Requirement


A system requirement refers to the specifications and conditions that a hardware or software system must meet in order to function properly.

Parts of Speech

  • Noun: system requirement
  • Plural: system requirements


Sense 1:

(Noun) The specific criteria and standards that a computer system or application needs to meet in terms of hardware, software, and network capabilities.

Example sentence: The system requirement for the new video game includes a minimum of 8GB RAM and a graphics card with at least 4GB of memory.

Sense 2:

(Noun) The set of necessary conditions or specifications that a system or process must satisfy in order to perform a particular function.

Example sentence: The system requirement for accessing the company's intranet is a valid username and password.

Sense 3:

(Noun) The technical specifications and configurations that a software application relies on to run efficiently.

Example sentence: Before installing the software, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements specified in the user manual.

Sense 4:

(Noun) The detailed description and documentation of a system's capabilities, functions, and limitations.

Example sentence: The developer provided a comprehensive system requirement document that outlined the software's features and limitations.

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