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stickball game


Definitions from WordNet

Noun stickball game has 1 sense
  1. stickball, stickball game - a form of baseball played in the streets with a rubber ball and broomstick handle
    --1 is a kind of baseball, baseball game, ball

Definitions from the Web

Stickball Game

Definition: Stickball game refers to a street game often played in urban areas using a stick and a ball. It is typically adapted from the traditional game of baseball and is played informally and with modified rules.

Senses and Usages:

Sense 1: Street Game

Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: Stickball game is a popular street game played using a stick and a ball. It is usually played with fewer players and in a compact urban environment.

Example Sentence 1: The kids gathered on the narrow city street to play a thrilling stickball game.

Example Sentence 2: Stickball games were a common sight in the vibrant neighborhoods of New York City.

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Sense 2: Modified Baseball

Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: Stickball game refers to a variation of baseball played on the streets using a broomstick or a stick instead of a bat, and a rubber ball or a tennis ball rather than a traditional baseball.

Example Sentence 1: During their lunch break, the colleagues enjoyed a quick game of stickball in the parking lot.

Example Sentence 2: The stickball game was intense as the players used the neighborhood's walls as outfield boundaries.

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Sense 3: Local Variations

Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: Stickball game may have different regional variations, rules, and names associated with particular localities.

Example Sentence 1: In Boston, what is commonly known as stickball is referred to as "wifflestick" by the locals.

Example Sentence 2: The stickball game played in Chicago has slightly different rules compared to the one played in Philadelphia.

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