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Definitions from WordNet

Noun stationariness has 1 sense
  1. stationariness, immobility, fixedness - remaining in place
    --1 is a kind of motionlessness, stillness
    --1 has particulars: rootage

Definitions from the Web



The state or quality of being stationary; immobility or the lack of movement.

Part of Speech:



  1. The condition of not moving or changing position.
  2. The state of being motionless or fixed.


Sense 1:

1. The stationariness of the mountain range creates a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

2. The stationariness of the boat in the middle of the lake allowed for a perfect reflection in the calm water.

Sense 2:

1. The artist captured the stationariness of the flower in her painting, emphasizing its beauty and fragility.

2. The stationariness of the statue made it appear timeless, as if frozen in a moment of history.

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