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Definitions from WordNet

Noun soundlessness has 1 sense
  1. quietness, soundlessness - the property of making no sound
    --1 is a kind of silence, quiet
    --1 has particulars: noiselessness

Definitions from the Web



1. the state or quality of being completely silent or without sound.

Example sentence:

The soundlessness of the library was interrupted by a loud sneeze.

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1. characterized by the absence of sound; quiet; silent.

Example sentence:

The soundlessness night sky accentuated the beauty of the stars.

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1. in a soundless manner; without making any sound.

Example sentence:

He tiptoed soundlessly across the room, trying not to wake anyone.

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Usage Note:

The term "soundlessness" can be used in various contexts to describe the absence of sound. It can refer to the complete silence in a specific location, the quietness associated with an object or environment, or the act of moving silently.

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