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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective soundless has 1 sense
  1. silent, soundless, still - marked by absence of sound; "a silent house"; "soundless footsteps on the grass"; "the night was still"
    Antonym: noisy (indirect, via quiet)

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Soundless is an adjective that describes something or someone that is completely without sound or noise.

Senses and Usages

1. Without sound

When used in this sense, soundless refers to something that produces no sound or noise.

Example sentence: The soundless night allowed for a peaceful sleep.

2. Silent

In this sense, soundless is used to describe a person, place, or thing that does not make any noise.

Example sentence: The library was so tranquil and soundless that you could hear a pin drop.

3. Muted

When used in this context, soundless means something that has been made silent or has had its sound reduced.

Example sentence: The movie had a captivating chase scene with soundless footsteps.

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