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skene arch


Definitions from WordNet

Noun skene arch has 1 sense
  1. skeen arch, skene arch, scheme arch, diminished arch - an arch whose height is less than half its width
    --1 is a kind of arch

Definitions from the Web

Skene Arch

A skene arch refers to a decorative architectural element commonly found in ancient Greek and Roman theaters. It represents a framed opening located at the back of the stage, often adorned with intricate designs or sculptures.


  1. Noun - Architectural Feature: The skene arch is a prominent feature of ancient Greek and Roman theaters, adding beauty and visual appeal to the stage.
  2. Noun - Symbolism: In theatrical context, the skene arch represents the transition between the stage and the world beyond, creating a mystical atmosphere.


Sense 1 - Architectural Feature:

The skene arches in the amphitheater provided a magnificent backdrop for the performers, emphasizing the grandeur of the production.

Exploring the ruins, we marveled at the intricate carvings on the skene arch, displaying scenes from ancient Greek mythology.

Sense 2 - Symbolism:

As the protagonist walked through the skene arch, the audience felt a sense of enchantment as they were transported into a different realm.

With the lighting strategically focused on the skene arch, it created a mesmerizing effect, enhancing the mystical atmosphere of the play.

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