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Noun singer has 3 senses
  1. singer, vocalist, vocalizer, vocaliser - a person who sings
    --1 is a kind of musician, instrumentalist, player
    --1 has particulars:
     alto; baritone, barytone; bass, basso; canary; caroler, caroller; castrato; chorister; contralto; crooner, balladeer; folk singer, jongleur, minstrel, poet-singer, troubadour; hummer; lieder singer; madrigalist; opera star, operatic star; rapper; rock star; songster; soprano; tenor; thrush; torch singer; voice; warbler; yodeller; Bailey, Pearl Bailey, Pearl Mae Bailey; Chevalier, Maurice Chevalier; Dietrich, Marlene Dietrich, Maria Magdalene von Losch; Dylan, Bob Dylan; Fitzgerald, Ella Fitzgerald; Garland, Judy Garland; Iglesias, Julio Iglesias; Jackson, Mahalia Jackson; Jackson, Michael Jackson, Michael Joe Jackson; Jolson, Al Jolson, Asa Yoelson; Joplin, Janis Joplin; King, B. B. King, Riley B King; Lauder, Harry Lauder, Sir Harry MacLennan Lauder; Ledbetter, Huddie Leadbetter, Leadbelly; Madonna, Madonna Louise Ciccone; Marley, Robert Nesta Marley, Bob Marley; Martin, Dean Martin, Dino Paul Crocetti; Merman, Ethel Merman; Orbison, Roy Orbison; Piaf, Edith Piaf, Edith Giovanna Gassion, Little Sparrow; Robeson, Paul Robeson, Paul Bustill Robeson; Russell, Lillian Russell; Simon, Paul Simon; Smith, Bessie Smith; Smith, Kate Smith, Kathryn Elizabeth Smith; Streisand, Barbra Streisand, Barbra Joan Streisand; Vaughan, Sarah Vaughan; Waters, Ethel Waters; Williams, Hank Williams, Hiram Williams, Hiram King Williams; Wynette, Tammy Wynette, Tammy Wynetter Pugh
    Derived forms: verb sing1, verb sing2, verb sing3
  2. Singer, Isaac M. Singer, Isaac Merrit Singer - United States inventor of an improved chain-stitch sewing machine (1811-1875)
    --2 is a kind of inventor, discoverer, artificer; manufacturer, producer
  3. Singer, Isaac Bashevis Singer - United States writer (born in Poland) of Yiddish stories and novels (1904-1991)
    --3 is a kind of writer, author
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