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shipboard duty


Definitions from WordNet

Noun shipboard duty has 1 sense
  1. sea-duty, service abroad, shipboard duty - naval service aboard a ship at sea
    --1 is a kind of assignment, duty assignment

Definitions from the Web

Shipboard Duty

Definition: Shipboard duty refers to the assigned responsibilities and tasks performed by individuals aboard a ship or vessel.

Parts of Speech:

  • Noun: Shipboard duty is an integral part of a sailor's life.
  • Phrase: Sailors are often required to fulfill their shipboard duty.


  • Sense 1: The general duties and tasks that sailors undertake while on board a ship.
  • Sense 2: The specific responsibilities assigned to individuals depending on their roles and positions on the ship.


  • Usage 1: Shipboard duty includes maintaining the ship's cleanliness, standing watch, and assisting in navigational activities.
  • Usage 2: The captain decided to shift the crew members' shipboard duties to ensure smooth operations.

Sample Sentences:

  1. I have been assigned shipboard duty as a deckhand on this voyage.
  2. During my shipboard duty, I observed a pod of dolphins swimming alongside the ship.
  3. The engineer's shipboard duties involve monitoring and repairing the ship's machinery.

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