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roof rack


Definitions from WordNet

Noun roof rack has 1 sense
  1. luggage rack, roof rack - carrier for holding luggage above the seats of a train or on top of a car
    --1 is a kind of carrier

Definitions from the Web

Roof Rack


A roof rack is a framework attached to the roof of a vehicle that enables the transportation of oversized items, such as luggage, bicycles, or sporting equipment. It usually consists of bars or supports designed to secure and carry these items safely on top of the vehicle.



1. A structural framework installed on the roof of a vehicle to carry extra items.

2. A device or system used to secure and transport luggage, bicycles, or sporting equipment on top of a vehicle.


1. To install or equip a vehicle with a roof rack to increase its carrying capacity.

2. To load or attach items onto a roof rack for transportation purposes.

Sample Sentences:

Noun (sense 1):

  1. I installed a sturdy roof rack on my SUV to accommodate our camping gear.
  2. The roof rack on the minivan allowed us to bring along all our beach equipment.

Noun (sense 2):

  1. She strapped her surfboard onto the roof rack before heading to the beach.
  2. Our family's bicycles were securely mounted on the roof rack during our road trip.

Verb (sense 1):

  1. If you plan to carry heavy equipment, it's advisable to roof rack your vehicle.
  2. The adventurous couple decided to roof rack their canoe for the cross-country adventure.

Verb (sense 2):

  1. Please roof rack the luggage before we depart.
  2. He carefully roof racked the skis onto the car for the skiing trip.

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