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luggage rack


Definitions from WordNet

Noun luggage rack has 1 sense
  1. luggage rack, roof rack - carrier for holding luggage above the seats of a train or on top of a car
    --1 is a kind of carrier

Definitions from the Web

Luggage Rack


A luggage rack is a frame or stand used to hold luggage or suitcases, typically found in hotels, airports, or vehicles.

Noun - General Sense

A luggage rack refers to a portable or stationary structure designed to provide a space for placing and storing luggage or suitcases.

Example: The hotel room had a sturdy luggage rack where guests could place their bags.

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Noun - Vehicle Sense

In the context of vehicles, a luggage rack refers to the roof-mounted structure that allows for the secure transportation of baggage and other items.

Example: The family decided to install a luggage rack on top of their car for their road trip.

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Noun - Train Sense

In trains, a luggage rack is a shelf-like structure located above the seats where passengers can store their bags during the journey.

Example: I placed my backpack on the luggage rack and took a seat by the window.

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Verb - Slang Sense

In informal usage, the term "luggage rack" can also be used as a verb, meaning to place or stack objects haphazardly on top of each other.

Example: After a long day of shopping, I luggage-racked all my new purchases in the corner of the room.

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