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representative sampling


Definitions from WordNet

Noun representative sampling has 1 sense
  1. stratified sampling, representative sampling, proportional sampling - the population is divided into subpopulations (strata) and random samples are taken of each stratum
    --1 is a kind of sampling

Definitions from the Web

Representative Sampling


Representative sampling is the method of selecting a subset of individuals or items from a larger population in such a way that the chosen sample accurately represents the characteristics and qualities of the whole population.


Sense 1:

Noun: A statistical technique used in research, where a smaller group is selected to represent a larger population.

Example Sentence: The representative sampling of households ensured that the survey results were reflective of the entire city's demographics.

Sense 2:

Noun: The act of choosing a few specific examples or instances to serve as an accurate representation of a whole category or concept.

Example Sentence: The artist's exhibition showcased a representative sampling of her diverse artwork, highlighting her versatility and talent.

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