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race horse


Definitions from WordNet

Noun race horse has 1 sense
  1. racehorse, race horse, bangtail - a horse bred for racing
    --1 is a kind of horse, Equus caballus
    --1 has particulars:
     thoroughbred; pony; yearling; dark horse; mudder; nonstarter; pacer, pacemaker, pacesetter; trotting horse, trotter

Definitions from the Web

Race Horse

Noun: A thoroughbred horse bred and trained for racing competitions, known for its speed and agility on the track.


  1. A horse specifically bred and trained for competitive racing.
  2. Figuratively, a person or thing that performs exceptionally well in their respective field.


Sense 1:

  • He owns a magnificent race horse that has won several prestigious competitions.
  • Many spectators gathered at the racetrack to witness the breathtaking sprint of the race horses.
  • Race horses can achieve astonishing speeds on the straight sections of the track.

Sense 2:

  • Usain Bolt was considered the race horse of sprinting, dominating the Olympic games for years.
  • The newly released smartphone is a race horse in terms of performance, outperforming its competitors.

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