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Noun proconsulate has 1 sense
  1. proconsulship, proconsulate - the position of proconsul
    --1 is a kind of position, post, berth, office, spot, billet, place, situation

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A proconsulate refers to the office or period of rule of a proconsul, who is a governor or military commander appointed to a province or territory. The term is often associated with ancient Rome.

Part of Speech


Senses and Usages

  1. Sense: Ancient Rome

    During the period of ancient Rome, a proconsulate denoted the authority and jurisdiction of a proconsul over a specific province or territory.

    Example Sentence: The proconsulate of Gaul was a crucial position in the Roman Empire.

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  2. Sense: Modern Usage

    In modern usage, the term proconsulate can be metaphorically employed to describe a governing or authoritative position, similar to a proconsul in ancient Rome.

    Example Sentence: His successful tenure as the CEO of the company earned him a reputation as a proconsulate of the business world.

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