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Definitions from WordNet

Noun premix has 1 sense
  1. mix, premix - a commercially prepared mixture of dry ingredients
    --1 is a kind of concoction, mixture, intermixture
    --1 has particulars: ready-mix; self-rising flour, self-raising flour

Definitions from the Web


Noun (1)

A mixture of ingredients that have been blended beforehand, typically used in cooking or manufacturing processes.

Example sentence: I added the premix of spices to the soup to enhance its flavor.

Noun (2)

A ready-to-use dry mix of ingredients for preparing a specific type of meal or drink.

Example sentence: This premix for pancake batter only requires the addition of water.

Verb (1)

To blend or mix ingredients beforehand.

Example sentence: It is essential to premix the paint before applying it to the wall.

Verb (2)

To prepare a dry mix of ingredients for future use.

Example sentence: The chef decided to premix the spices for convenience during busy hours in the restaurant.

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