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powdered milk


Definitions from WordNet

Noun powdered milk has 1 sense
  1. powdered milk, dry milk, dried milk, milk powder - dehydrated milk
    --1 is a kind of milk
    --1 has particulars: nonfat dry milk

Definitions from the Web

Powdered Milk


Powdered milk, also known as dry milk, is a dairy product made from evaporated milk that has been spray-dried to remove all the moisture, resulting in a fine powder. It is often used as a convenient substitute for liquid milk, providing a longer shelf life and easier storage. Powdered milk can be reconstituted by adding water, making it suitable for various culinary and baking purposes.

Sample Sentences:

As a noun:

  1. I always keep a box of powdered milk in my pantry for emergencies.
  2. The recipe calls for a cup of powdered milk, which adds richness to the bread.
  3. Some people prefer powdered milk over fresh milk due to its longer shelf life.

As an adjective:

  1. I made a delicious powdered milk pudding using the dry milk powder.
  2. The powdered milk industry has seen significant growth in recent years.
  3. My favorite brand of powdered milk provides a creamy and smooth taste.

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