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powder room


Definitions from WordNet

Noun powder room has 1 sense
  1. ladies' room, powder room - a woman's restroom in a public (or semi-public) building
    --1 is a kind of public toilet, comfort station, public convenience, convenience, public lavatory, restroom, toilet facility, wash room

Definitions from the Web

Powder Room


A powder room is a small bathroom typically located on the main floor of a house or in a public place. It is primarily used for guests or for freshening up.


  1. A small bathroom located on the main floor of a house.
  2. A public restroom typically for women.


Sense 1:

When hosting a formal dinner, it is important to ensure that the powder room is well-stocked with toiletries and hand towels.

Sense 2:

She excused herself from the gathering and headed to the powder room to fix her makeup.

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