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potty chair


Definitions from WordNet

Noun potty chair has 1 sense
  1. potty seat, potty chair - toilet consisting of a small seat used by young children
    --1 is a kind of toilet, can, commode, crapper, pot, potty, stool, throne

Definitions from the Web

Potty Chair

Definition: A small chair or seat designed for young children learning to use a toilet, often with a removable container or bowl under the seat.

Sense 1 (Noun): A special chair or seat for toddlers or young children to use when learning to potty train.

Example sentences:

  1. Before transitioning to the toilet, parents often introduce their children to the concept of using a potty chair.
  2. My little one feels more comfortable sitting on the potty chair while learning to use the toilet independently.

Sense 2 (Noun): A chair or seat with a built-in toilet for elderly or disabled individuals who need assistance with personal hygiene.

Example sentences:

  1. For individuals with mobility challenges, a potty chair with a commode can provide a convenient and accessible option in their own room.
  2. Some potty chairs for older adults come equipped with adjustable height and armrests to ensure safety and comfort.

Sense 3 (Noun): A term used colloquially to refer to a toilet or bathroom.

Example sentences:

  1. If you need to use the restroom urgently, the closest potty chair is located at the end of the hallway.
  2. Excuse me, could you show me where the potty chair is located?

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