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portrait camera


Definitions from WordNet

Noun portrait camera has 1 sense
  1. portrait camera - a camera with a portrait lens
    --1 is a kind of
    camera, photographic camera
    --1 has part: portrait lens

Definitions from the Web

Portrait Camera

A portrait camera refers to a type of camera that is specifically designed for taking high-quality portraits. It is equipped with features and settings that help capture the subject in the most flattering and professional manner.



  1. A camera specifically designed for capturing portraits


A portrait camera is used by professional photographers, amateurs, and enthusiasts alike to achieve stunning portrait photography. Whether it's for capturing memories, professional headshots, or creative self-portraits, a portrait camera offers superior image quality, precise focus, and various customizable settings to enhance the overall aesthetics of the portrait.

Sample Sentences

  1. He invested in a high-end portrait camera to capture the beauty of his subjects with exceptional clarity and detail.
  2. The built-in beauty mode of the portrait camera ensured flawless skin tones and enhanced features in every photograph.
  3. Professional photographers swear by the capabilities of a dedicated portrait camera when it comes to studio portraits.
  4. She used a portrait camera to capture her friend's candid moments during the outdoor photoshoot.

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