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Noun plaything has 1 sense
  1. plaything, toy - an artifact designed to be played with
    --1 is a kind of artifact, artefact
    --1 has particulars:
     ball; balloon; cockhorse; doll, dolly; dollhouse, doll's house; Frisbee; hobby, hobbyhorse, rocking horse; hula-hoop; jack-in-the-box; jacks, jackstones; jungle gym; jumping jack; kaleidoscope; kite; Lego, Lego set; Meccano, Meccano set; pea shooter; pinata; playhouse, wendy house; pogo stick; popgun; puzzle; rattle; sandbox, sandpile; seesaw, teeter-totter, teeterboard, tilting board, dandle board; slide; slingshot, sling, catapult; stick horse; swing; teddy, teddy bear; top, whirligig, teetotum, spinning top; train set; water pistol, water gun, squirt gun, squirter; yo-yo
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