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Pictoriality refers to the quality or characteristic of being pictorial, visually descriptive, or resembling a picture.

Noun - Sense 1:

The quality of a literary or artistic work that vividly portrays images or scenes through vivid language or visual elements.

Example Sentence:

The poet's incredible use of metaphors and rich descriptions created a remarkable pictoriality in her verses.

Noun - Sense 2:

The degree to which a photograph, painting, or illustration effectively communicates a visual message.

Example Sentence:

This captivating photograph of the sunset has a high level of pictoriality, perfectly capturing the colors and emotions of the scene.


Describing something that has the quality of being pictorial or visually descriptive.

Example Sentence:

She created a pictorial essay featuring various landmarks in the city, using her artistic skills to enhance the pictoriality of the images.

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