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Noun pictor has 1 sense
  1. Pictor - a constellation in the southern hemisphere near Dorado and Columba
    --1 is a kind of

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Pictor can refer to different meanings depending on the context:

  1. As a noun, Pictor represents a constellation in the southern celestial hemisphere, first introduced in the 18th century by French astronomer Lacaille. It is named after the easel or painter's palette. Pictor is known for containing numerous faint galaxies.
  2. As a noun, Pictor can also denote a person who engages in or practices visual arts, particularly painting. A pictor is an artist specializing in producing pictorial works using various mediums and techniques.
  3. As an adjective, Pictor can describe something or someone that is related to or characteristic of pictures or images. It can be used to indicate a visual representation or element.

Sample Sentences:

  • The Pictor constellation is best observed during the summer months in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • The renowned Pictor has recently unveiled their latest masterpiece at the art gallery.
  • The book contains a collection of pictorial illustrations created by talented pictors.
  • Her pictor style captures the essence of the natural landscapes in immense detail.

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