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para i


Definitions from WordNet

Noun para i has 1 sense
  1. primipara, para I - (obstetrics) woman who has been delivered of a child for the first time
    --1 is a kind of mother, female parent

Definitions from the Web

Para I

Part of speech: Noun

Meaning 1: The first paragraph of a written document or article.

Example sentence 1: Make sure to grab the reader's attention in your para I.

Meaning 2: A person's rank or position in the military or police force.

Example sentence 2: He earned the rank of Colonel during his twenty-year service in the army.

Meaning 3: A monetary unit used in Serbia, currently equal to 1/100th of the Serbian dinar.

Example sentence 3: The souvenir shop was selling a keychain for 50 para I.

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