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para digmatic


Definitions from WordNet

Adjective para digmatic has 3 senses
  1. paradigmatic - of or relating to a grammatical paradigm; "paradigmatic inflection"
  2. paradigmatic - of or relating to a typical example; "paradigmatic learning"
  3. paradigmatic - related as members of a substitution class; "paradigmatic word associations"
    Antonym: syntagmatic

Definitions from the Web

Para digmatic


Para digmatic refers to something that is related to or involving two adjacent sounds or letters in a word.


  1. Adjective: Relating to or characterized by paraglottal and diglot­tal articulation.
  2. Noun: A linguistic concept referring to a pair of neighboring sounds or phonemes within a word.

Sample Sentences:

  1. The para digmatic movement of the speaker's tongue greatly affected his pronunciation.
  2. Please emphasize the correct para digmatic pronunciation of the word "thick".
  3. Understanding the relationship between para digmatic phonemes is crucial in linguistics.
  4. The language teacher explained how para digmatic pairs can influence the meaning of words.

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