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ovis vignei


Definitions from WordNet

Noun ovis vignei has 1 sense
  1. urial, Ovis vignei - bearded reddish sheep of southern Asia
    --1 is a kind of wild sheep
    --1 is a member of Ovis, genus Ovis

Definitions from the Web

Ovis vignei

Noun (Biology)

Definition: A wild sheep species native to Central Asia.

Example Sentence: The Ovis vignei has adapted to survive in the harsh mountainous regions of Tajikistan.

Adjective (Ecology)

Definition: Relating to the habitat or characteristics of the Ovis vignei.

Example Sentence: The conservation efforts focus on preserving the Ovis vignei population and its delicate ecological balance.

Adjective (Culture)

Definition: Pertaining to traditions, customs, or folklore associated with the Ovis vignei.

Example Sentence: The annual festival showcases the local cuisine and traditional music inspired by Ovis vignei herding communities.

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