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ovis ammon


Definitions from WordNet

Noun ovis ammon has 1 sense
  1. argali, argal, Ovis ammon - wild sheep of semidesert regions in central Asia
    --1 is a kind of wild sheep
    --1 is a member of Ovis, genus Ovis

Definitions from the Web

Ovis Ammon


Ovis Ammon is a species of wild sheep native to the mountainous regions of Central Asia. Also known as the Argali, it is the largest wild sheep in the world. Ovis Ammon is highly valued for its majestic appearance and has become a popular cultural and ecological symbol.

Sense 1: Noun - Animal


A wild sheep (Ovis Ammon) native to Central Asia, characterized by its large size, long horns, and dense coat.

Example Sentence:

The mountaineers spotted a herd of Ovis Ammon grazing peacefully on the rocky slopes.

Sense 2: Adjective - Describing


Pertaining to the species Ovis Ammon or characteristics associated with it.

Example Sentence:

The expedition reached the Ovis Ammon habitat to study its ecological impact on the surrounding environment.

Sense 3: Popular Culture


Ovis Ammon is often featured in art, literature, and mythology as a symbol of strength and resilience.

Example Sentence:

The painting depicted a breathtaking scene of a solitary Ovis Ammon standing proudly on the mountain peak.

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