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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective overage has 1 sense
  1. overage, overaged, superannuated, over-the-hill - too old to be useful; "He left the house...for the support of twelve superannuated wool carders"- Anthony Trollope
    Antonyms: young, immature (indirect, via old)

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Overage refers to the surplus or excess of something, often exceeding a predetermined amount or limit. This can pertain to a variety of contexts, from age restrictions to quantities or funds.



1. As the party ended, there was a significant overage of food and drinks.

2. The overage of the budget led to the cancellation of some project activities.

3. The company donated the overage of their products to a local charity.


1. The overage spectators were required to sit in the designated overflow area.

2. Despite being overage, the vintage car retained its charm and elegance.

3. The store offered discounts on overage merchandise to clear out inventory.


1. The event organizers had to overage the venue to accommodate the unexpectedly large crowd.

2. The bartender accidentally overaged a customer's drink, causing it to spill.

3. She asked the cashier to overage the payment so she could receive cash back.

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