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over the counter stock


Definitions from WordNet

Noun over the counter stock has 1 sense
  1. over the counter stock, OTC stock, unlisted stock - stock that is not listed and traded on an organized exchange
    --1 is a kind of unlisted security, over the counter security, OTC security
    --1 has particulars: penny stock

Definitions from the Web

Over the Counter Stock


An over the counter (OTC) stock refers to a security that is not listed on a formal stock exchange and is instead traded directly between parties, typically through a dealer network. These stocks are often associated with smaller companies or those that do not meet the listing requirements of major stock exchanges.


  1. As a noun: Referring to a security traded directly between parties outside of formal stock exchanges.
  2. As an adjective: Describing the nature or characteristics of securities traded over the counter.

Sample Sentences:

  • Noun: Many emerging companies prefer to issue over the counter stocks initially before aiming for listing on major exchanges.
  • Noun: Investors have the opportunity to participate in the growth of smaller, promising companies through over the counter stocks.
  • Adjective: The over the counter stock market provides an alternate avenue for trading securities.
  • Adjective: The risks associated with over the counter stock investments can be significantly higher than those of listed stocks.

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