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otc stock


Definitions from WordNet

Noun otc stock has 1 sense
  1. over the counter stock, OTC stock, unlisted stock - stock that is not listed and traded on an organized exchange
    --1 is a kind of unlisted security, over the counter security, OTC security
    --1 has particulars: penny stock

Definitions from the Web

OTC Stock


An OTC (Over-the-counter) stock refers to a type of security that trades outside of the major stock exchanges.


Sense 1: In finance, an OTC stock is a security that is not listed on a national stock exchange and is traded directly between two parties, typically through a dealer network.

Sense 2: Popularly, OTC stock can refer to shares of small, thinly traded companies that are often speculative and available for trading in specialized markets.


Usage 1: Many startups initially trade as OTC stocks before meeting the listing requirements of major exchanges.

Usage 2: Investors should exercise caution when investing in OTC stocks due to the higher risk associated with less regulation and potentially limited liquidity.

Usage 3: OTC stocks can provide opportunities for investors seeking potential high-growth companies that haven't yet made it to the broader market.

Sample Sentences:

Sentence 1: John decided to invest in OTC stocks, hoping to find a hidden gem that could yield significant returns.

Sentence 2: Due to their speculative nature, OTC stocks often experience higher volatility compared to those listed on major stock exchanges.

Sentence 3: The company's shares transitioned from being traded as an OTC stock to being listed on the New York Stock Exchange, resulting in increased visibility and investor interest.

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