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Adjective ok has 1 sense
  1. all right, fine, ok, o.k., okay, hunky-dory - being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition; "an all-right movie"; "the passengers were shaken up but are all right"; "is everything all right?"; "everything's fine"; "things are okay"; "dinner and the movies had been fine"; "another minute I'd have been fine"
    Antonym: unsatisfactory (indirect, via satisfactory)
Adverbial ok has 1 sense
  1. very well, fine, alright, all right, OK - sentence-initial expression of agreement
Noun ok has 2 senses
  1. Oklahoma, Sooner State, OK - a state in south central United States
    --1 is a kind of American state
    --1 is a part of
     United States, United States of America, America, US, U.S., USA, U.S.A.
    --1 has parts:
     Platt National Park; Bartlesville; Enid; Lawton; McAlester; Muskogee; Oklahoma City, capital of Oklahoma; Tulsa; Arkansas, Arkansas River; Canadian, Canadian River; Cimarron, Cimarron River; Llano Estacado; Neosho, Neosho River; Red, Red River
  2. O.K., OK, okay, okey, okeh - an endorsement; "they gave us the O.K. to go ahead"
    --2 is a kind of sanction, countenance, endorsement, indorsement, warrant, imprimatur
    Derived form: verb O.K.1
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