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Adjective neuter has 2 senses
  1. neuter - of grammatical gender; "`it' is the third-person singular neuter pronoun"
    masculine, feminine
  2. neuter, sexless - having no or imperfectly developed or nonfunctional sex organs
    Antonym: sexual (indirect, via asexual)
Noun neuter has 1 sense
  1. neuter - a gender that refers chiefly (but not exclusively) to inanimate objects (neither masculine nor feminine)
    --1 is a kind of
    gender, grammatical gender
    Derived form: verb neuter1
Verb neuter has 1 sense
  1. alter, neuter, spay, castrate - remove the ovaries of; "Is your cat spayed?"
    --1 is one way to sterilize, sterilise, desex, unsex, desexualize, desexualise, fix
    Sample sentence:
    Somebody ----s somebody
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