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Term: Mana


1. (Noun) In Polynesian and Melanesian beliefs, a spiritual or sacred power inherent in people, objects, or natural elements.

2. (Noun) A widespread concept in various cultures that refers to a supernatural force or energy.

3. (Noun) A term used in video games representing a resource for performing magical or special abilities.

4. (Noun) Influence or authority over others; charisma.

5. (Noun) In gaming communities, an abbreviation for "mana points," which represent a character's magical power or energy.

Sample Sentences:

  1. The islanders believe that the ancient stones possess divine mana.
  2. The shaman channeled the mana of the forest to heal the wounded.
  3. The superhero used her mana to vanquish the evil villain.
  4. His political speeches were filled with mana and captivated the audience.
  5. After casting multiple spells, the wizard's mana was depleted.

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