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man's body


Definitions from WordNet

Noun man's body has 1 sense
  1. adult male body, man's body - the body of an adult man
    --1 is a kind of adult body; male body
    --1 is a part of man, adult male
    --1 has parts: beard, face fungus, whiskers

Definitions from the Web

Term: Man's Body


Man's body refers to the physical structure and characteristics that distinguish males from females. It encompasses various biological, anatomical, and physiological features found in the male human form.

Senses and Usages:

1. General Reference:

When used in a general sense, man's body can refer to the overall physical form and composition of a male. It includes aspects such as height, weight, musculature, and proportions.

Example sentence: He had an athletic man's body with well-defined muscles from years of training.

2. Anatomy:

In anatomy, man's body pertains to the specific structures and systems found within the male human anatomy. This usage focuses on the internal organs, bones, muscles, nerves, and other anatomical components in males.

Example sentence: The male reproductive system is an essential part of the man's body.

3. Physiology and Health:

The term man's body is also used to discuss the various physiological processes and functions that occur within the male body. This can refer to topics such as hormonal regulation, metabolism, immune response, and overall health considerations for men.

Example sentence: Maintaining a balanced diet is crucial for optimal functioning of a man's body.

4. Appearance and Grooming:

In the context of appearance and grooming, man's body can refer to the specific areas, features, or attributes that males focus on for aesthetic or grooming purposes. This can include topics such as facial hair, body hair, skin care, and grooming routines.

Example sentence: Many men prefer to trim or shave the hair on their man's body for a neater appearance.

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