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man made disasters


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Term: Man-made Disasters

Definition: Man-made disasters refer to catastrophic events that are caused by human activities, negligence, or intentional acts, resulting in significant damage to the environment, property, and life.

Examples of Different Senses and Usages:

Sense 1: Natural Resource Exploitation

Definition: Man-made disasters resulting from the excessive exploitation of natural resources, leading to environmental degradation and detrimental effects on ecosystems.

Example Sentence:

The deforestation caused by unsustainable logging practices contributed to devastating man-made disasters, including landslides in the region.

Sense 2: Industrial Accidents

Definition: Man-made disasters resulting from accidents or mishaps in industrial settings, such as chemical spills, explosions, or structural failures.

Example Sentence:

The industrial accident at the chemical plant caused a man-made disaster, releasing toxic fumes into the surrounding area and posing a serious threat to the local population.

Sense 3: War and Conflict

Definition: Man-made disasters resulting from armed conflicts, including bombings, military actions, and the deliberate destruction of infrastructure.

Example Sentence:

The war-torn country witnessed numerous man-made disasters, such as the destruction of hospitals, water supply systems, and schools, leaving the population in dire conditions.

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