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man in the street


Definitions from WordNet

Noun man in the street has 1 sense
  1. John Doe, Joe Blow, Joe Bloggs, man in the street - a hypothetical average man
    --1 is a kind of commoner, common man, common person

Definitions from the Web

Term: Man in the Street


The term "man in the street" refers to an ordinary or average person, typically someone without any special skills, knowledge, or influence. It is used as a metaphor to represent the general public or the common person.

Sample Sentences:

  1. Noun - Singular: The man in the street is often overlooked, but his opinions matter.
  2. Noun - Plural: The opinions of the men in the street are varied and diverse.
  3. Adjective: The journalist conducted interviews with man-in-the-street perspectives to capture the public's sentiment.
  4. Related Verb - "To Be"
    • As a definition: "To be a man in the street means to represent the views of the general public."
    • Usage in a sentence: The candidate promised to be a man in the street and fight for the common person's needs.

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